Our Management Team

Martin Farrell
Martin FarrellManaging Director

Martin is the Managing Director of NeoDyne and heads NeoDyne’s System Integration business. An expert in Industrial Software Solutions and Automation, Martin joined NeoDyne in 2001 and has held a variety of senior roles in the company, appointed Director in 2011 and Managing Director in 2021.

During this time, Martin has overseen the development of NeoDyne’s System Integration business specialisation into an internationally recognised leader in its field, known for its expertise and innovative solutions.

With a particular strength in MES and Industrial IT, including Networking and Cyber Security, Martin has worked on projects with some of Europe’s largest food & beverage and pharmaceutical companies, including Warburtons, PepsiCo, MSD, Heineken and Lakeland Dairies.

Martin has a degree in Electrical Engineering from UCC and holds an Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation from the Engineering Institute of Technology.

Kevin Dollard
Kevin DollardDirector - Transmission & Distribution

Kevin has over 20 years of experience delivering leading-edge electrical network and power system solutions, having joined NeoDyne in 1998 after three years with PM Group.

Director of NeoDyne’s Transmission & Distribution business, Kevin, is an authority on substation design from 20kV to 220kV and contestable build and non-contestable stations in the range of 40 to 550MVA CCGT. Kevin’s expertise is highly sought after, and he has played a leading role in integrating renewables into the distribution network.

Kevin has also pioneered the use of cutting-edge design and modelling tools in NeoDyne, providing a range of services, including Protection Coordination, Load Flow, Insulation Coordination and Harmonics and Filter design.

Kevin is a Chartered Engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics from UCC.

Shane Hanley
Shane HanleyDirector - Power Generation & Utilities

Shane brings over two decades of power industry experience to NeoDyne, having joined the company in 1999. Director of NeoDyne’s Power Generation and Utilities business since 2011, Shane is highly experienced in the design and delivery of large-scale CHP plants, standby power solutions and CCGT plant upgrades.

Responding to changing market challenges and consumer expectations, Shane has developed and grown NeoDyne’s renewables capability, providing feasibility studies and system design for embedded generation projects.

With specialist expertise in electrical and control solutions for Plant and Public Utilities, Shane has also implemented solutions for the fuel distribution industry to meet regulatory and safety standards.

Shane has an Electronic Engineering degree from UL and holds professional safety accreditations.

Patrick Landers
Patrick LandersDirector - Natural Gas & Industrial Safety

Director of NeoDyne’s Natural Gas and Industrial Safety business, Patrick has over 20 years experience providing electrical and instrumentation engineering services to the on-shore Natural Gas Industry and Regulated gas utility sector in Ireland and the UK.

Patrick joined NeoDyne in 2002 as a graduate engineer and re-joined in 2007 after three years with Liebherr Group. Since 2007, Patrick has played a significant role in the growth of NeoDyne’s T&D business, recently adapting NeoDyne’s gas design experience to bring it to the fore of renewable gas integration. Patrick is heavily involved in the design and integration of renewable gas and hydrogen onto the grid, CO2 capture, rollout of Biomethane injection facilities and CNG fuel filling stations.

He also heads up NeoDyne’s Industrial Safety team, providing design expertise in machine and process safety.

Patrick is a Chartered Engineer, an Electrical Engineering graduate from UCC and is certified in Safety Instrumented Systems.

Brendan Kearney
Brendan KearneyAssociate Director - System Integration

Associate Director of NeoDyne’s System Integration business, Brendan specialises in business-critical Automation, Process Control and MES solutions for NeoDyne’s Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences customers.

Starting his career with NeoDyne in 2004 as an automation engineer, Brendan has held several engineering and management roles over his 17 years at NeoDyne, both in office and site-based positions. Brendan leads an experienced team of engineers focusing on regulatory compliance and the delivery of high-availability, zero-interruption tolerance applications. With expertise in GMP solutions, process control systems, clean utilities and WWTP, Brendan is also responsible for several customer sites managed services across Life Science and Food & Bev industries.

Brendan holds a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from UCC and a Diploma in Management from TUD.

David O’Sullivan
David O’SullivanAssociate Director - PowerGen & Utilities

David is Associate Director of NeoDyne’s Power Generation & Utilities business specialisation and leads a team specialising in Power Plant Engineering and Automation solutions. With deep domain expertise in electrical, automation and mechanical engineering, David joined NeoDyne in 2012, having spent five years delivering projects in the industrial/commercial refrigeration industry.

David is responsible for the project management, design & commissioning of a wide range of projects across the Power Generation and Energy sectors; for both utility-scale power stations, as well as power (and heat) generation solutions for private industry, including Data Centres, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Fuel Storage and Natural Gas facilities. Projects include both turnkey electrical and control solutions.

David is a graduate of UCC and holds a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Carl Pender
Carl PenderAssociate Director - System Integration

Carl is an Associate Director of NeoDyne’s System Integration business, leading a team that delivers transformative and innovative solutions to NeoDyne’s Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical customers.

Carl joined NeoDyne in 2009 from Sanmina, a global electronics manufacturing provider and has steadily progressed within the company to become NeoDyne’s Rockwell & Allen Bradley subject matter expert. With a passion for success and deep industry experience, Carl manages the delivery of high availability, fault-tolerant and functionally safe PLC and SCADA solutions, using hardware and software from leading industrial manufacturers.

Carl holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from MTU, a Diploma in Management from TUD and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Matt Close
Matt CloseUK Business Lead

Matt is the Business Lead of NeoDyne UK and heads business development, sales and delivery in the UK. He leads a dynamic UK-based team with an extensive portfolio of Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Utility projects.

Matt brings over 25 years of management experience to NeoDyne, having held senior positions with leading automation and engineering companies, including Konektio (formerly InVMA Ltd) and Bilfinger UK. In his roles as Enterprise Customer Success Manager (Konektio), Head of Decommission & Defence and Head of Frameworks (Bilfinger), Matt has proven ability in strategic planning and programme delivery, with particular expertise in framework agreements.

Matt is a Chartered Engineer, an IET member and holds a degree in Electronic, Computing and Communication Engineering from the University of Bradford.