Project Description

Huntstown Power Station

The Challenge

Energia required a replacement of Huntstown’s Distributed Control System (DCS), originally installed with the plant in 2002 with a new state-of-the-art Siemens SPPA-T3000, specifically designed for controlling thermal power stations.

Given NeoDyne’s extensive CCGT and control systems experience, Energia engaged NeoDyne to provide engineering and commissioning support.

We provided all engineering works for integration of the new DCS (including Governor and Excitation systems) into Huntstown’s existing plant systems. We also carried out all testing/commissioning on behalf of Energia to demonstrate grid compliance.

Our Approach

Huntstown is a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant, consisting of a Siemens SGT5-4000F (V94.3A) combustion turbine, a Siemens HE-(50Hz) steam turbine and a Heat Recovery Steam Generator with a total combined cycle output power of 342MW.

The Siemens T3000 upgrade included new Protection systems, Governors and AVRs for the Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine.

We modified the existing synchroniser and electrical protection systems to work with the new T3000 control system, including reuse and recommissioning of the Gas Turbine Siemens 7VE512 synchroniser and the Steam Turbine Siemens 7VE512 synchroniser.

As the VT wiring was not modified, we focused the recommissioning activities on the interfaces between the synchronisers and the governors, and the Excitation systems on the Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine.

We also organised and carried out all commissioning activities in conjunction with Eirgrid, including:

  • Generator Offline and Online Step Response Tests

  • Turbine Offline and On Load Step Response Tests

  • Generator and Turbine Protection & Limiter Tests (incl. Under/Overvoltage, Under/Over Excitation, Reactive Power Limiting, Overspeed Protection)

  • Synchronisations Tests (Dummy Sync, First Sync and Block Loading)

All tests were witnessed by EirGrid, and Huntstown Power Station successfully achieved operational certification for the new control system.

About Energia

Energia is the largest independent energy supply company in Ireland, supplying commercial energy (gas and electricity) to almost 60,000 business customers and supplying the domestic market since 2014.

Huntstown Power Station in Dublin, operated by Energia, is a combined cycle gas turbine plant and among the most efficient and technically advanced plants in the Irish electricity system, providing up to 20% of the total electricity fed into the National Grid.

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