Project Description

Wexford 110kV Substation

The Challenge

ESB Networks required uprate, refurbishment and maintenance works at the Wexford 110kV substation to improve the security of supply to the general Wexford area and to facilitate future increases in electricity demand.

Working closely with TLI Group, NeoDyne was appointed Electrical Designers on the project and completed all design work for the addition of a 20MVA transformer, replacement of 110kV CT/VTs and the upgrade of associated control and protection systems.

Our Approach

The substation consisted of an existing 110kV busbar with two incoming overhead 110kV lines, two 110/38kV transformer bays, one 110/20kV transformer bay and multiple 38kV and 20kV circuits fed from the site.

We undertook electrical design work for the following:

  • Installation of a second 20 MVA 110/20kV transformer and its associated control and protection systems.

  • New 110kV transformer cubicle including 110kV busbar disconnector, circuit breaker, current transformers, surge arresters and connection to an existing spare 10kV cubicle.

  • 110kV sectionalising circuit breaker cubicle with new combined buszone/circuit breaker fail (BZP/CBF) scheme.

  • Replacement of several 110kV CT/VTs throughout the site.

  • Replacement of the existing 150 Ahr 220V DC system with a new 300 Ahr 220V DC single battery system and associated chargers.

We used EPLAN, leading-edge electrical engineering software for the planning and documentation of the control and protection systems and CDEGS software for the earth potential rise and lightning protection study.

About ESB Networks

ESB Networks is the licensed operator of the electricity distribution system in Ireland, including all distribution stations, overhead electricity lines, poles and underground cables. ESB Networks is responsible for building, operating and maintaining this distribution network to serve all electricity customers across the country safely and efficiently.

NeoDyne has built up significant experience and expertise on new and existing substation projects including the specification of HV/MV transformers and switchgear, control and protection panels, earth grids and lightning protection.

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