Ammonia Refrigeration Optimisation

NeoDyne designs and implements innovative ammonia refrigeration control systems with PLC/SCADA technology. We specialise in solutions that optimise the energy efficiency of screw and piston type compressor plants with evaporative condensers.

Our approach and solutions include:

  • Process study to identify upgrades and remediation for optimum energy conversion.
  • Instrumentation and calculated electricity and thermal metrics to manage energy performance.
  • Optimisation of condenser fan VSD control for inlet air relative humidity, cooling load and condenser and compressor specific characteristics.
  • Sophisticated control scheme that minimises energy usage and unit starts, and keeps efficient units operating at the most economical point while supplying variable demand.
  • Online models that predict expected conversion performance at a component and plant level, to detect and manage deterioration.
  • Instantaneous, daily and weekly KPI’s, trended and time-averaged, to sustain high-efficiency operation and reveal root causes of any degradation.
Electricity ConsumerIndicative BreakdownReduction AchievedElectricity Savings
Condenser Fans12%12%1.4%
Primary Pumps7%10%0.7%
Secondary pumps11%10%1.1%
Indicative Energy Saving20%