EirGrid DS3 Programme

EirGrid’s DS3 programme aims to achieve Ireland’s 2020 renewable electricity target of 40% in a safe, secure and reliable manner. To protect the grid against the challenges posed by this target, EirGrid incentivises businesses to participate in the DS3 programme to mitigate against fluctuations in its renewable energy production. Given NeoDyne’s long-standing experience in embedded renewable generation (both solar and wind), we are expertly placed to help your business capitalise on the DS3 programme. We provide a range of DS3 integration services, including:

  • Commissioning and verification of DS3 systems
  • Integration of generators into the DS3 scheme
  • DS3 response triggering (under frequency thresholds etc.)
  • Secondary injection testing for DS3 validation, and
  • DS3 compliant metering and reporting systems.
Renewable energies concept collage with solar panel wind turbines and electrical energy infrastucture

Demand Side Unit

A Demand Side Unit (DSU) is a site that can be instructed by EirGrid to reduce demand due to peak consumption or reduced electricity generation. DSUs can provide flexible demand-side reduction through on-site energy generation or reduced plant production/shutdown. As with the DS3 programme, DSUs are financially incentivised through a DSU capacity scheme. Allied to our DS3 integration services, we can help your business participate in this electricity market through the integration of generators and the commissioning and verification of DSU systems. We’ll ensure your site is ready for the Grid Code compliance tests and subsequent participation in the scheme.