Instrumentation & Control

NeoDyne has strong capability and vast experience in instrumentation and process control systems across a wide range of industries. We apply our industry knowledge and technical expertise to tailor solutions to our customer’s unique requirements and provide an end-to-end service: from concept through to maintenance.

We have expert knowledge in designing, procuring, commissioning and maintaining intrinsically safe instrumentation for solids, liquids, gases and steam, including:

  • Pressure – Absolute & Gauge, Hydrostatic, differential and pressure switches
  • Temperature – Thermowells, RTDs, Thermocouples, Temperature transmitters and Temperature Switches
  • Level – Hydrostatic level, Capacitive, radar, ultrasonic, level switches and microwave barrier
  • Flow – Electromagnetic, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Thermal Mass and Coriolis flow metering
  • Liquid Analysis – pH, conductivity, O2, turbidity, hardness, TOC and COD analysers
  • Emissions Monitoring – Instruments to record CO, NOx, SOx, H2S, O2
  • Data Analysis – Flow computers, dataloggers and energy management controllers

Our highly experienced engineers are knowledgeable in PLC and HMI programming across a wide variety of platforms and integrate instrumentation into PLCs and display via local HMI or SCADA systems.

We use PLC hardware from leading manufacturers including Siemens, Rockwell Allen Bradley, Schneider, Mitsubishi and ABB.

Our SCADA expertise includes Aveva (Wonderware) System Platform, InTouch, Siemens WinCC / TIA, Allen Bradley RSView / FTView, Schneider Vijeo and GE iFix.

NeoDyne is an Endorsed AVEVA System Integrator.