Plant ATEX

The ATEX Equipment Directive 2014/34/EU and Part 8 of the 2007 Safety Health & Welfare at Work Regulations apply to workplaces where flammable/hazardous substances are stored or used, due to the presence of potentially explosive or combustible dust vapours or gases. These set out the minimum safety requirements to eliminate or control the risks to worker safety.

Irish companies are obliged to comply with the EU Directive and to undertake organisational and technical changes to demonstrate appropriate health and safety measures are in place.

NeoDyne has extensive ATEX experience and a proven track record in Hazardous Area Assessment studies across many industrial sectors including gas, oil, chemical storage, wood production and biomass. Our engineers carry out site surveys and undertake risk assessments in accordance with EN1127 to design intrinsically safe systems to ensure compliance.

Our deliverables include:

  • Descriptive System Documentation,
  • IS calculations (to ensure compliance with area classification),
  • Hazardous Area Drawings, and
  • Explosion Protection Documents.

With our strong capability in control and instrumentation across a wide range of industries, we can also advise on equipment selection, appropriate training and working procedures. With expert knowledge in specifying and configuring safety instruments for solids, liquids, gases and steam, we can help your plant comply with the relevant EU guidelines and regulations and also avail of potential cost savings and process improvements.

Hazardous Area Drawing

Chemical Bulk Storage

  • Electrical and Control Design for Upper and Lower Tier COMAH Establishments
  • Tank Hi Level Alarm Systems
  • Tank Level Gauging Systems
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Product Flow Control System

Bulk Fuel Product Storage

  • Electrical and Control Design for Upper and Lower Tier COMAH Establishments
  • Compile Pre-Operational Safety Report
  • Tank Hi Level Alarm Systems
  • Systematic implementation of Safety Integrity Level Requirements to EN61511
  • Safety Shutdown Systems including ROSOV valves

Biomass Fuel Handling

  • Hazardous Area Classification for ignitable dust
  • Electrical and Control Design For dust/biomass storage
  • Slidegate controls
  • Belt Dryer Controls Integration
  • Fuel Handling controls design and implementation in PLCs
  • Biomass Boiler Fuel and Combustion Management PLC System Design