Process Water Treatment Control

NeoDyne offers a comprehensive range of process water treatment control services across a wide range of industries including pre-treatment for industrial boilers, water softening and water treatment chemicals.

We implement PLC-based control system designs with various options available for visualisation from local HMI to full SCADA systems.

Industrial Boilers/Steam Process

Process water pre-treatment for industrial boilers is essential to prevent the accumulation of scale. Scale can build-up in water pipework supplying the boiler, inside the boiler drum, on downstream steam pipework or in blowdown pipework. Poor water quality can result in premature boiler failures or significant capital expenditure to replace irreparable equipment.

NeoDyne has developed control systems which closely monitor and control water quality. Our solutions include:

  • Continuous Condition Monitoring of pH, O2, Turbidity and TDS,
  • Deaerator Controls,
  • Chemical Dosing,
  • Water Softening,
  • Steam Sampling, and
  • Energy Improvement Projects.

Water Softening

NeoDyne offers turnkey automation solutions for water softening systems. Our expert engineers provide electrical and control design services to automate industrial size Ion Exchange systems and Reverse Osmosis systems.

Water Treatment Chemicals

We also have experience with the implementation of automated systems for the production of chemicals used in the water and wastewater industry, including pH neutralisers, anti-foaming agents, coagulants and flocculants. The processes include continuous running or batch processing systems. Automation enables more efficient chemical usage and plant cost savings by reducing energy consumption.

Facility for water preparation, cleaning and treatment at pharmacy plant