Functional Safety

NeoDyne has extensive experience and expertise in functional safety services for the full Safety lifecycle (Risk Assessment – Risk Quantification – Risk Management). We conduct Risk Assessments, PHA, LOPA, SRS and FSA and generate Safety Design Specifications. We complete our analysis and design in accordance with the relevant Machine and Process safety standards, including but not limited to IEC 61511, IEC 61508, ISO 13849 and IEC 60204. We provide Safety Logic design, verification and validation, incorporating Network security and Cybersecurity as part of our Safety System deployments. Providing services to highly regulated industries, we have developed the skills to assess non-standard applications and advise where challenges arise in meeting requirements.

Functional Safety is a branch of reliability engineering, and we believe in robust verification processes that rely on qualified personnel performing systematic and documented analysis. We employ standardised statistical and analytical techniques for Safety Instrumented Systems Design, including Reliability Block Diagrams, Fault Tree Analysis and Markov Analysis. We have experience deploying Low Demand, High Demand and Continuous SIL1 to SIL3 Process and up to Ple machine safety systems. Our FS engineers are TÜV Nord and TÜV Rheinland certified.

Machine Safety

Machine Safety revolves around meeting the requirements of the MD or LVD and EMC European Directives. We conduct all risk assessments in accordance with ISO 12100 and verify performance levels as per ISO 13849 or IEC 62061.

Our deliverables include:

  • Risk Assessments,
  • DGÜV Sistema reports or EXIDA exSILentia reports,
  • Safety logic analysis,
  • Conformity assessments,
  • CE Marking,
  • FMEA and FMECA where necessary, and
  • Technical file.

Process Safety

IEC-61511 is a standard that deals with requirements for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) in the process industry and low demand safety functions in the machine safety industry. The standard is directed towards those responsible for designing, implementing, or maintaining SISs. NeoDyne has a systematic capability of SIL3.

We have experience in high profile Natural Gas Installations, Transmission & Distribution, HIPPS, Biomethane Plant, Oil Terminals, Boiler/Burner Control Systems, Emergency Shutdown Systems, Tank SIFs and HIPPS Systems.

Our deliverables include:

  • All IEC 61511 Lifecycle documents,
  • EXIDA exSILentia verification and SIL calculation,
  • Human Factors Analysis,
  • Non-standard, custom/specialised solutions, and
  • Functional Safety Management.