Waste Water Treatment Control

NeoDyne offers PLC-based control system designs and upgrades for wastewater treatment plants that streamline processes, lower operation costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

PLCs can automate all aspects of wastewater treatment including motor control, opening and closing valves, running pumps, metering, monitoring flow and level, reading sensor data and sampling – with process visualisation through HMI/SCADA.

Our industrial experience includes:

  • Traditional treatment processes
    • Wastewater Collection
    • Odour Control/Removal system
    • Screening
    • pH Correction
    • Primary Treatment/Sedimentation Control
    • Secondary Treatment – Aeration, Activated Sludge
    • Sludge Thickening & Dewatering Processes
  • Digester / Biogas Management Controls
  • Specialised processes such as Hydro Thermal Oxidation by SCFI

NeoDyne’s strong capability in electrical design combined with our knowledge of wastewater treatment allows us to offer additional plant services including MDB and MCC design, cable sizing, cable containment, earthing/lightning protection, and general services design.

Wastewater Treatment Plant