Discrete Manufacturing Automation

NeoDyne supplies turnkey solutions for custom servo motion control applications, typically involving the control of tooling positioning or product handling equipment on a mass production line.

We supply both AC and DC servo systems deploying single, multi and simultaneous axis solutions and deliver integrated safety as a standard requirement on most systems. Past projects include networked drives over EtherCat and EthernetIP and traditional drives utilising digital and analog I/O.

With traditional servo drive systems, we can provide multiple modes including mode switching for position, torque and speed control. We also deliver networked solutions requiring a high-end motion master. While these solutions are often more expensive, they provide greater flexibility.

Typical systems include:

  • Material handling and conveying – including velocity control and torque control applications.
  • Coordinated motion control, camming for custom profiles.
  • PLC and motion master G-Code interpreter applications for CNC machines and routers.
  • Pick and place indexing type applications.

We can also provide any standard topology such as SCARA, Delta, Cylindrical and Polar axis solutions.