Life Science MES

NeoDyne specialises in the delivery of MES integration solutions to the Life Science market using the POMSnet MES platform. POMSnet is a web-based solution designed specifically for Life Sciences, implementing best practice and business logic for Pharmaceutical MES.

Built on Microsoft .NET technology, POMSnet is 100% web-based, providing customers with an easy-to-learn interface that can readily be deployed and maintained cost-effectively.

Incorporating a full specification and authoring system with state-of-the-art technology, POMSnet enables life science manufacturers to implement regulatory-compliant, manufacturing workflows for batch records and product release.

Life Science MES

MES Benefits

Our customers realise significant benefits from their POMSnet MES implementation, including:

  • Improved Quality and Performance
    • Drive to Zero Errors
    • Release by Exception
    • Increased Capacity Utilisation
    • Reduced Cost of Compliance
    • Reduced Production Costs
    • Reduced Time to Market
  • Reduced quality review and release time 
    • Typical results show a 20–30% reduction
    • Release by Exception
    • Reduced Errors that need to be Investigated
    • “Paper on Glass” or “MES”
    • 40% reduction in common GMP errors (where EBR does point of use verification)
  • EBR / DHR electronically available to all stakeholders simultaneously and in real-time
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance