System Support Services

NeoDyne provides scheduled and unscheduled site maintenance and 24/7/365 systems support. We tailor our support packages to suit the individual needs of each of our customers and guarantee minimum response times.

Scheduled Support Service

For our engineers to maintain familiarity with normal plant system operations, we schedule regular site visits and provide detailed maintenance reports.

We have designed the NeoDyne Scheduled Support Service to preserve and enhance system reliability by identifying and actioning potential system problems before they impact on plant uptime.

Long-term benefits of a scheduled support service include:

  • Improved system reliability,
  • Decreased cost of replacement or upgrade, and
  • Decreased system downtime.

The work schedule typically includes:

  • Performing the tasks outlined in the maintenance report document.
  • Completing minor system improvements where required.
  • Troubleshooting ongoing investigations or snag lists, for example checking records for “ongoing” items.
  • Tuning of the system where relevant.
  • Checking the main system/server resources.
  • Installing routine product updates and patches.
  • Completing a summary report giving the status of the system.
NeoDyne Scheduled Support Services
Scheduled System Reviews
Out of Hours Callout

Unscheduled Support Service

NeoDyne also provides an out-of-hours callout service through our Support Pager System. This unscheduled callout service includes:

  • First-line response telephone support,
  • Unscheduled callout available 24/7/365, and
  • Guaranteed response times for engineer to site.

We are passionate about customer service and adopt a “customer first” approach in all our interactions. We have an expansive knowledge of our products and their on-site implementation, ensuring we offer a knowledgable and responsive service. We have honed our system support services over the past 20 years to a point where we anticipate our customer needs and consistently achieve outstanding customer service and satisfaction results.