AIS & GIS Substation Layouts

NeoDyne has significant experience in the 3D modelling of equipment and conductors using Primtech 3D substation design software.

We design AIS and GIS substation layouts to design standards IEC-61936 and Irish Standard ET-103. Using Primtech, we ensure all layouts are optimised and clearances modelled to establish the necessary clearances between conductors and equipment, designated work areas, designated vehicle access and fire escape routes.

We have designed layouts for 220kV, 110kV, 38kV, 33kV and 20kV substations, both outdoor (AIS) and indoor within buildings (GIS).

Primtech 3D Substation Design Software
GIS Substation
38kV AIS Substation

Through the design process, we verify all HV cable and conductor arrangements to allow for bending radius, mechanical forces during short circuit and electrical loading. We include substation ancillary services such as lighting, fire detection and protection, ventilation, HVAC and general services as part of the design.