With Strategic plans to achieve 20% renewable gas on the networks by 2030 and Ireland’s unique potential for Renewable Gas production, we have adapted our gas design experience to bring it to the fore of renewable gas integration design. We are heavily involved in the initial rollout of Biomethane injection facilities in the ROI. Our involvement includes both single gas injection points and centralised common gas injection facilities with multiple decanting skids.

Our Biomethane services include:

  • Feasibility Studies,
  • Network Entry Facilities Specification,
  • Functional Safety Design Requirements of the injection packages,
  • Gas Quality Analysis Design,
  • Fiscal Metering of Biomethane,
  • Propane Enrichment Design,
  • Master Control Systems and SCADA,
  • Management Information Systems, and
  • Gas Quality Risk Assessments with our partners.
Biomethane Injection Facility Design
CNG Compressor

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

NeoDyne has significant experience in carrying out integration designs for CNG fuel filling stations. Our expertise includes the specification of the compressor and dispenser package and development of package installation scopes.

Our CNG services include:

  • CNG Package Electrical Supply Design,
  • CNG Package Earthing Requirements,
  • CNG Safety Shutoff,
  • Specification and Review of Functional Safety Requirements,
  • Gas Infrastructure design,
  • Fiscal Metering, and
  • Telecommunications design for remote monitoring.