Cathodic Protection

NeoDyne has substantial experience in the design of impressed current and sacrificial anode Cathodic Protection for buried pipelines. Our expertise includes the specification of manually adjustable and automatic TR impressed current systems, permanent potential measurements, anodes, groundbeds, test posts, street furniture in built-up areas, insulation joints and surge arresters.

We have supervised the commissioning of new and upgraded systems and assessed the status of installed systems. We have specified CP maintenance, including routine maintenance, Pearson and DC potential gradient surveys. We are also familiar with holiday detection, pipeline electrical connection details, coatings and coating repairs.

Pipeline HV & DC Interference

With over 20 years’ design experience, we can complete studies of induced potential from overhead AC High Voltage transmission lines and design mitigating earths.

We are familiar with the measures needed when pipeline or cables cross and those required to protect against stray current interference in proximity to DC railways. We have designed one system to mitigate a telluric effect. In projects, we routinely take the lead on investigating defects and interference and resolving perplexing anomalies.

Cathodic Protection for buried pipeline
Pipeline HV Interference
Cathodic Protection
HV Interference Curve