NeoDyne designs earth grids for substations and plants, typically to IEEE-80 Earthing design standard, but also to ENA and EN standards as required. We also complete initial soil resistivity measurement surveys, fine-tuned to the nuances that impact Earthing design.

We complete our design work using CDEGS software which incorporates a multi-layer soil model and generates results for Step and Touch potentials. We have experience with designing for challenging features such as touch potentials on lighting columns on entrance roadways outside the site boundary. NeoDyne validates as-built installed earth grids by fall-of potential measurements.

CDEGS Touch Voltage
Primtech 3D Lightning Protection Design

Lightning Protection

NeoDyne designs Lightning Protection for substations, plants and buildings, typically to design standard EN 62305. We initially complete Lightning Risk assessments to determine the Lightning Protection Class required for the protected structure, employing StrikeRisk software. We also use Primtech 3D modelling software to model the Lightning protection coverage volumes and areas.