Gas Metering

NeoDyne has extensive experience with the design and specification of Fiscal and non-Fiscal gas metering systems for the onshore Natural Gas Industry. We have designed and specified Fiscal systems with a flow range from 10 Sm3/hr to 1600 kSm3/hr with meter sizes up to G10,000 and DN 600.

We have also designed metering systems for large border/landfall stations with low uncertainties on volume and energy. Solutions include condition-based monitoring and supervisory systems to reduce the calibration period and support the move away from fixed time interval calibrations.

Our experience includes specification of gas quality equipment including C6+ and C9+ Gas Chromatographs, Odour Analysers, H2S analyser and Moisture analysers.

Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Gas Chromatograph

We support all major metering technologies, including:

  • Turbine Meters,
  • USM meters,
  • Orifice plate meters,
  • Rotary Positive Displacement meters,
  • Vortex Meters,
  • Pitot Tube,
  • Clamp-on USM metering, and
  • Distribution and Industrial/Commercial metering systems with meter mounted PTZ volume correctors.