EirGrid Logo Grid Code Compliance

To “Become Operational”, all generator connections must be fully compliant with Eirgrid Grid Code or Distribution code, Connection Agreement Conditions and subject to mandatory testing. Success is very much dependent on understanding the requirements and good communication with all parties involved in the process. NeoDyne has extensive experience with Grid Code compliance and can provide end-to-end support from project initiation to test completion.

We complete an assessment at an early stage in each project to ensure all purchased or installed equipment is fully compliant. Due to grid code changes, components that may have complied in the past may no longer be compliant. We leverage our experience from similar projects to perform studies including Voltage Ride Through, Harmonics, ROCOF, Design of Protection Schemes & Coordination and Interface Signals. We also support the coordination/documentation of all IPP installation tests to achieve energisation at POC.

Generator 10% Step Response