Transformers & Switchgear

NeoDyne has strong capability in the specification of switchgear and transformers for Grid interfacing AIS and GIS substations. We have specified equipment for 220kV, 110kV, 38kV, 33kV and 20kV substations. Connections include conventional and renewable Power Generation, Peaking, Battery Storage, DS3 and Solar PV plants and large demand loads such as data centres and process plants. 

Our experience includes contestable build and non-contestable stations in the range 40 to 125MVA with some experience of 550MVA CCGT. Our know-how is strong on detailed features, e.g. reactive power requirements for Grid Code compliance in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We also have experience with installations in the UK and Europe. Our generation experience covers synchronous, asynchronous and inverter infeed generators.

120MVA Transformer

We generate datasheet specifications for main switching equipment, transformers, reactive equipment and associated CT’s, VT’s, surge arresters and disconnects. We are familiar with current technology and the details involved in enabling long asset life, operability, maintainability, energy conversion losses, environmental impacts and supervision using analysers and SCADA.

Our experience includes specification of 110kV Filters and Reactors.

We provide a broad range of services, including design, vendor bids evaluation, vendor contract co-ordination, vendor detailed design approval, FAT and SAT supervision.