Protection Co-ordination

NeoDyne uses ETAP, a powerful industry-standard power system design and analysis software suite, to complete Protection Co-ordination studies for large complex electrical networks. The Protection design process involves the generation of an electrical model of the plant network within ETAP. The model includes main impedance equipment such as transformers, cables, protection devices with tripping characteristics, the external utility fault capacity, and the fault capacities of any on-site embedded generation. Utility protection settings are governing parameters for the on-site protection system.

We choose protection settings and characteristics using the ETAP model so that in the event of a fault, the protection device nearest the fault location is the first to trip. We also verify that in the event of a short circuit fault, the trip settings are low enough to ensure tripping activation under the lowest available short circuit energy.

Load Flow Studies

We also use ETAP to perform load flow studies to determine Active or Reactive Power capability, verify cable sizing calculations and calculate volt drop. This approach allows our customers to utilise the same plant model as used for Protection Co-ordination or Arc Flash energy studies.